Lap shelving - Low
Lap shelving - Low
Lap shelving - Low
Lap shelving - Low
Lap shelving - Low

Lap shelving - Low


The lap shelving by award-winning designer Marina Bautier is a modular storage solution designed with simplicity in mind. Whether you need a single 1m shelving unit for an alcove or an entire wall of shelving in an office, the lap shelving is adaptable to work in different environments.

Starting with a single unit, you can add extensions to provide you with enough storage. Choose from a frame filled entirely with sturdy steel shelving to house your collection of tomes, or a mixture of trays, deep & shallow boxes with shelves to store a variety of paperbacks and objects. 

Marina designed the shelving system with this modularity and adaptability from realising the strange way people store objects in a box or on a tray that is then placed on a shelf. Instead, her solution removes the need for a shelf replacing it with a powder-coated steel metal box or tray that hangs from the solid oak frame.

The name "Lap" refers to how the metal overlaps the wood structure. How you arrange the components is up to you, and they can be rearranged at any time.

Expand the solid oak frame width by adding any number of extensions. Made in Lithuania. Suitable for Contract use.

Lap Shelving Low $595 
Lap Shelving Low extension $385

Metal storage components - various colours available:
Deep Box $150 -
Shallow Box - $110
Tray Shelf - $120
Small tray shelf - $85
Flat shelf - $120
Bookshelf $150

Dimensions: 1060mmL x 350mmW x 800mmH

CASE Furniture is exclusive to Aero in Australia.